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Stepping Out of Your Own Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Your Own Comfort Zone

What next?

That is the one of the best questions to ask yourself. Something Mitch Rothschild, the CEO of Vitals, alludes to in his recent interview with the New York Times. According to Rothschild, being curious is something you should carry out with you for the rest of your life (2015). Because for him it’s all about stepping out of his comfort zone is the best thing you do to progress yourself. Therefore, doing something new every 90 days is what Rothschild does to keep himself “fresh” (2015). However, how can this translate to the working or professional world.

Well what I took away from it was that, the more you are comfortable being uncomfortable (quite a paradox right?), the better you are able to adapt and actually make more impactful decisions towards the world. And for myself, this is an important concept. Similarly, to Rothschild, I’m very inclined to pursue interesting business ventures, or random challenges just to help understand myself and also question what I’m really passionate about.

For example, I recalled my first time stepping into a hackathon with less than a month of programming experience, yet what I got out of it was a new found passion for web development – also a nice small payout (something every college student is in desperate need of). Thus, many may call me an extreme visionary or sometimes purely illogical, but it’s more so to be versed and “fresh.” And I think the importance of being uncomfortable is what drives the best innovations in this world. We must all learn to not be afraid of taking the risk, sometimes.

For myself, the next time I’m in a position at work and I find a project that is foreign territory, I will do it. Meaning, I will brush aside my lack of confidence, and strap on my thinking hat. Because as I’ve read from this interview and other interviews, challenging yourself and being uncomfortable will only progress myself as an individual. And within every failure or success, there is always something that can be taken away from it. With that being said, I highly suggest you should as well.

Because personally I believe that the best experiences in life and work are from the unexpected.


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